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Captives & Environmental Insurance

We bring to our clients and intermediaries a unique combination of expertise in Risk Management and in Environmental underwriting.

The involvement of a captive in an environmental programme can give clients what they need in terms of:

  • covering difficult exposures by a policy rather than leaving them uninsured (and leaving the operational unit take a severe hit in its P&L accounts when the claim arises);
  • risk transfer capacity for catastrophes at excess pricing;
  • itemized pricing for the captive primary layer: expected level of losses plus admin fee plus claims handling fee;
  • very flexible structure: captive can pick and choose each section of the policy and layers to underwrite;
  • leverage the existing captive's underwriting capabilities whilst providing additional diversification in its portfolio;
  • more control over costs fluctuations over time;
  • immediate benefit of all improvement in their exposure base.

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